Electrostatic Handwritten Notes


 Electrostatic  Handwritten Notes

 Electric charges
1 Understand the concept of electric charge and charge carriers
2 Understand the process of charging by friction and use the concept to explain the related day-to-day observations
3 Understand that, for any point outside a spherical conductor, the charge on the sphere may be considered to act as a point charge at its centre
4 State Coulomb’s law
5 Recall and use 𝐹  for the force between two point charges in free space or air
6 Compute the magnitude and direction of the net force acting at a point due to multiple charges

 Electric field:
1 Describe an electric field as a region in which an electric charge experiences a force
2 Define electric field strength as a force per unit positive charge acting on a stationary point charge
3 Calculate forces on charges in uniform electric fields of known strength
4 Use 𝐸  strength of a point charge in free space or air
5 Illustrate the changes graphically in electric field strength with respect to distance from a point charge
6 Represent an electric field by means of field lines
7 Describe the effect of a uniform electric field on the motion of charged particles
8 Understand the concept of the electric flux of a surface
9 State Gauss law and apply it for a field of a charged sphere and for line charge
10 Understand that a uniform field exists between charged parallel plates and sketch the field lines

The potential, potential difference, and potential energy
1 Define potential at a point as the work done per unit positive charge in bringing a small test charge from infinity to the point
2 Use electron volt as a unit of electric potential energy
3 Recall and use 𝑉  for the potential in the field of a point charge
4 Illustrate the variation graphically in potential along a straight line from the source charge and understand that the field strength of the field at a point is equal to the negative of potential gradient at that point
5 Understand the concept of equipotential lines and surfaces and relate it to potential difference between two points
6 Recall and use 𝐸 to calculate the field strength of the uniform field between charged parallel plates in terms of potential difference and separation
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