The Neighbor is a story by Tim Winton. In this story, a newly married couple recently moved to a new neighborhood. First, they learned that their new area is full of European immigrants. At first, they feel pretty gross because of their neighbors and their activities. They get irritated when they hear loud conversations and banging from a neighbor next door.

They distance themselves from their neighbors, besides, they are initially not happy to meet strange neighbors and their disgusting customs, the neighbors also do not like it when a young man sits at home and his wife works outside.

In the course of time, the young couple receives help from neighbors with matters relating to the garden and the chicken coop. They get used to their new surroundings. The young couple begins to smile and makes their neighbors happy. They realize that their neighbors are not bad at all, they start to hang out with their neighbors and share things and learn, they take pride in being part of the neighborhood.

When the young woman becomes pregnant, the neighbors find out immediately and start smiling at the young couple and giving them help, gifts, and good advice, they take great care of the new couple. couple celebrating. The young couple is not used to such sympathies. The young man is surprised when all of his neighbors celebrate the birth of the new baby. The young man finally cries when he sees his neighbors cheering for the birth of their baby. His opinion of immigrants turns out to be wrong.

History has shown that different people of different origins and origins can live together peacefully, even though they have different languages, cultures, and lifestyles. 

Human relationship is very important and goes beyond other aspects.  



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